Tesla’s woes increase as top executives quit

Picture courtesy - Google Images

Pallak Kainthla

Pressure continues to mount upon the electric carmaking company Tesla, as the company seems to be hit by multiple resignations and a reckless CEO who goes pot smoking in live podcasts.

A number of top executives happen to exit the firm , latest joined by the companie’s chief accounting officer Dave Morton who resigned from the company quoting ,” the level of public attention places on the company as well as the pace within the company has exceeded many expectations “.

The company is at splits after the recent weed smoking video of  CEO Musk’s love for pot smoking has gone viral while being at a podcast show that is said to violate the companies business laws.

According to CNBC , the Air force has initiated investigations into Musk’s recreational drug abuse and its connection with the CEO’s seemingly unstable behaviour.

Tesla trended worldwide after Musk reportedly tweeted his vision of taking the company  private which upsurged stock prices , whereas later the idea was withdrawn which called charges against the CEO for manipulating stocks .

But harsher times has still not begun after apparently two C – suite executives resigned from the firm which plunged its market shares by more than 11 percent .

With some other planned departures and a low hitting stock value, Tesla’s woes are not halting anytime soon , investigations into musk violating the American federal law and the company’s degrading performance should  now alert the CEO  ,for then it might be extremely difficult for the automaker giant  to come out of Both legal and financial downfalls.


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