Takeaways from the US- India 2+2 dialogue

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Pallak Kainthla

In a successful 2+2 dialogue between India’s defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman and the foreign minister Sushma swaraj with the US counterparts , New delhi reportedly held a firm stand on the possible affects of the sanctions imposed by the US on Iran , saying that the trade sanctions should not hurt the Indian economy in any way.

Iran faces massive sanctions by the US on its oil exports to which the US president has ‘warned ‘ other countries not to trade with Iran if they wished to continue trade with the US.

A breakthrough 2+2 dialogue was possible after failed attempts twice before and this meeting was highly looked upto by analysts as some key conclusions and agreements might come out in the wake of  Iran sanctions , the acquisition of arms from Russia by India which was said to face the  heat from Washington in lieu of the possible sanctions that might be imposed on countries striking defence deals with its long rival Russia.

The US secretary Mike pompeo said on the Russian arms imports ,” And we as a team , the national security team , will work on that , and as we continue to have these conversations with India about that , I think ,come to an outcome that makes sense for each of our two countries”.

Some landmark decisions to curb terror has also been made where the US for the first time agreed to track down underworld don Dawood Ibrahim and took cognizance of the terror related activities in pakistan vowing to fight terrorism together with India

Other defence and communications deals were also signed by both the counterparts to ensure maritime freedom and international law in the India – pacific region and to strengthen the Indian -US ally.


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