Post office soon to be banks


-Shivangi Singh

Representative Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., is proposing legislation went for putting a conclusion to current payday loaning practices by giving some saving money benefits another home: the U.S. post offices.

The legislation claimed banking services will be made available at all U.S. Postal service locations through the Postal Banking Act. a number of post offices available will reach to 30,000 nationwide.

Administrations would incorporate small-dollar advances for buyers that offer low expenses and low loan fees.

Those exchanges would contend with payday credits, a fleeting development that ordinarily comes due with your next paycheck.

The terms for payday credits are frequently troublesome, said Alex Horowitz, senior research officer for the consumer finance task at Pew Charitable Trusts, a free research association.

Around 12 million people utilize payday advances yearly, as indicated by Horowitz. The normal advance is $375 for a time of five months, which accumulates about $520 in expenses, he said.

These credits are exceptionally costly with yearly percentage rates almost 400 percent,” Horowitz said.

Payday advances are regularly given by little credit shippers to people who confront high costs and unreasonably expensive installments, Horowitz said. That incorporates household that holds conventional financial balances, however, can’t access such exchanges through those institutions. It additionally incorporates a little bit of household that don’t have financial balances by any means.

Last October, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau approved banks and credit associations to give small dollar advances, as long as consumers have over 45 days to reimburse the cash.

Notwithstanding small-dollar advances, Gillibrand’s postal bank enactment additionally incorporates different administrations including small-dollar checking and investment accounts; value-based administrations including debit cards, cash machines, bill payment and online services; and in addition residential and worldwide wire exchanges.


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