Japan next in Trump’s initiated Trade war

Picture courtesy - Google Images

Pallak Kainthla

Even after unparallel warnings by experts and analysts across the globe , America’s  ‘adamant’ president is ready to take its trade war to an exceedingly different level , as per a recent interview to a famous editor James Freeman ,Trump is skeptical of Japan’s surging surplus which amounted to $68.8 billion in 2017.

Japan and US were seen as nations  having ‘good relations ‘ with each other but Trumps remark is the column states otherwise , according to the column Trump insinuated while being asked about Washington’s relationship with Asian countries “ofcourse that will end as soon as i tell them how much they have to pay”.

The statement might hint at the colossal wreck that is posed on China that has been slapped with trade tariffs worth $200 billion offlate .Trump is also mulling over hurting countries with auto tariffs , all this in the wake of ‘protecting the American ‘ economy from ‘unfair’ trade practices.

While several American firms are apprehended as to the impact of Trump’s tariff spree with Apple , dell and several others  suggesting the American administration  to find alternative solutions to trade wars, there seems to be no linency in the tariffs .

Trump reiterated to the suggestions of corporates  by suggesting a ‘American first ‘ and ‘make in America ‘ approach.

Japan is the world’s third  largest economy may be hit by car tariffs in the near future  , nearly $40 billion worth of Japanese autos are imported in the US every year , with Trump decrying the ‘threat’ that car imports pose to the national security of Washington  , while the Japanese counterpart  has denied all the allegations imposed by the US.


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