How toyota was slapped with $242 million as compensation to customer grievance

Picture courtesy - Google Images

Pallak Kainthla

As cases of customer protection and discourses over more and legal responsibility of businesses towards its customer hike, the automobile giant Toyota was slapped with a compensation of $242 million, finding the company guilty of manufacturing defective seats which caused infliction of severe injuries on the family including two children who were grievously injured.

The Dallas family owned Toyotas sedan which met with a rear-end collision in September 2016.

Founding Toyota extremely negligent while not warning about the dangerous front seats, the district court mentioned $143.6 million as punitive damage charges our of the total verdict.

Toyota is considering options to move to higher courts against the verdict, the plaintiff’s Benjamin and Krishi rear are filed a case against the car making the company and the petition took two years to provide judgment where $92 mn was awarded for the medical care and other miscellaneous physical and mental damages due to the accident.

Such cases are increasingly being resolved since consumer awareness is on a surge and companies are regularly being guided as to how they can assure customer safety while manufacturing and sales of the product.


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