Global giants taking the ‘medical way’

Picture courtesy - Google Images

Pallak Kainthla

With employers increasingly focusing on the health of the employees and decreasing costs over health related expenses , the two trillion dollar companie’s and Apple  have initiated opening of on campus clinics  for the massive employees that work for the company .

AC wellness is the legal subsidiary that operates under Apple and is currently building apparatus to reinforce its health plans which is also seen as an experiment to lay hands over the healthcare expanison in its areas of operations  .

The move comes in the wake after Amazon inc , the recent trillion dollar retail giant started its on campus healthcare system for monitoring employee health .Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos along with Warden Buffett’s Betkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan Chase & company announced their creation of an ‘independent company ‘ which would cater to low cost healthcare for it’s employees .

The company can also be used to study a new approach in retail healthcare which can expand its business while reducing the crazy healthcare costs acquired in the name of healthcare solutions.

Such worksite clinics will aim at cost effective services such as US health care , poor access to routine care , pharmacy cost , fee for service payment mechanisms and even low rates of childhood immunizations .Amazon has acquired an internet pharmaceutical company named Pillpack to expand into its healthcare system.

Other giant companies such as facebook and Apple have been mulling over the advantages of building healthcare apparatus and is building human resource by recruting efficient personals for the same.


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