EU to toughen brexit negotiations to restrict other allies from exiting

Picture courtesy - Google Images

Pallak Kainthla

With the recent Italian coalition on the verge of presenting its first 2019 budget , there are possibilities of an Italian exit ,which could hurt the EU tremondously , as Italy makes the fourth biggest economy in the union of states .

Some anti – euro elements in the coalition governance are trying to exclude itself from the EU , to avoid which the EU has sweared on taking a tough stance on brexit negotiations so that other countries are vary of the repercussions that might follow.

British economy has been suffering since it announced it’s plan of leaving the EU , whose materializing date is due this year up to which brexit might happen ,the  stock markets have been extremely vulnerable to fluctuations as the dialogue on brexit approaches.

The EU , aware of the ‘pain’ of the circumstance would harden negotiations according to experts who agree on the fact that the italian exit from the Eurozone would be very very painful.

Even though the people who stand for the Italian exit from the EU are in a minority ,leaving the EU would not be a wise decision as Italian dependence over EU members for exports is massive and it has seen the UK tumble down even before the Britain’s exit have been finalised .

Italy is at conflicts with the EU over the immigrant crisis and its laid back attitude towards the mounting refugees from other countries , experts say that  ‘ Italexit’ might be an exaggerated solution to the conflicts , being affected by a major debt to GDP ratio and devalued currency , the coalition government’s ‘plan B’ might just not be the perfect solution for the country.


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