Canada: a hub for education


-Riya Dixit

The world’s second-largest country ‘Canada’ is considered to be at the top rank in the world when it comes to the education. The nation has numerous top-ranked schools and universities. Now,  the question arises why is it so beneficial to study in Canada?  First and the foremost, the quality of education cannot be neglected here. The standard of education is highest in contrast to the rest of the world. Furthermore, it is not as expensive as other countries like USA and UK.

The majority of the education program begins at the age of 5 or 6 like any other country’s educational system. The children first receive their kindergarten experience and then the primary and secondary education. The schools are both private and government funded. The education is free of cost in the schools which are financed by the government. Also, they follow provincial curriculum and hire only certified teachers. While so many children get enrolled in government schools, most of the parents send their children to the private school hoping for a better education.

After the secondary school, if we talk about higher education then this is what Canada is famous for. To get an education here, you first need to have a Canadian study permit for the duration of your course. The fees for the Canadian students and international students differ a lot but it is worth paying for. On an average, a Canadian student spends CA$6,571 per year for an undergraduate degree, whereas an international student spends CA$25,180 for the same. Also, living in Canada will not cost you an arm and leg.


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