Apple CEO extends concerns as trump sets to slap another round of tariffs on China

Picture courtesy - Google Images

Pallak Kainthla

Keeping international apprehensions and agreements at bay , the US president Donald trump is set to impose another round of brutal tariffs on china “if he wants ” .

A reckless Trump might slap tariffs on goods worth $200 billion in lieu of its ongoing trade war with china where both the worlds biggest countries are slapping tariffs and retaliatory to each other even after financial experts and corporate heads have been skeptical on its effects on the economies of Beijing and Washington.

The recent talks between the giant economies last month failed to draw any positivres and henceforth lead to revival of the trade tariffs .A series of tariffs on goods worth $50 billion is already imposed on consumer and electronic goods.

The US tech giant Apple has sent a letter to the US trade representatives  mentioning the effects of the US tariffs on its wide range of products from Airpods to Applr watches and its chargers and adapters .Rise in price of these goods will curb the sales making Apple products higher than ever , the letter advised the US bureaucracy to reconsider its decision keeping the US economy stringer and healthier and to find alternatives to solving trade issues

The trillion worth companys CEO tim cook had already indulged in previous talks with trump , but Chinese stance on not taking back the seemingly ‘unfair ‘ trade policies has fuelled up USA’s ambitions to retaliate to their behaviour .

Citing customer grievances could also not sabotage the whims and fancies of the adminstration  due to which stock values of Apple and other tech giants anticipating a fall in demand have plummeted as US comes closer to the tariff slapping decision .


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